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Skip Tracing Your Lead List

Begin your lead search and refine your list using the variety of filters available. 

1. Select Leads

Select the leads you would like to Skip Trace by clicking the checkbox to the left of each lead.

2. My Leads Drawer

Click on the My Leads drawer button located at the top right.

3. Skip Trace

Click the Skip Trace button to the right of the SAVE PROPERTIES button.

4. Choose Delivery Method

Select whether you would like to Download a CSV and Save to Contacts or only Download a CSV.

**Save to Contacts - The located phone number will automatically save to the WORK PHONE field within the contact file. 

5. Create a Contacts Tag

If you choose to Save to Contacts, you will be asked to create a Tag to help you filter and locate your Skip Traced list later within your Contacts List View. This is optional. We will automatically create a tag titled Skip Traced to help you keep track of all your skip traced leads.

6. Accept Terms & Conditions

Scroll through to the bottom of our Terms & Conditions in order to click ACCEPT and proceed.

7. Review & Place Order

Review your order total on the final step. If you have a Credit Balance from a previous order you will be able to use your credits here. We will only allow you the option to enter Payment Information if you do not have enough credits to cover the order total. 

8. Email Confirmation

Depending on the size of your list, you will receive an email confirmation a few minutes after your order is submitted with instructions. Please keep in mind that larger lists may take longer to complete. 

9. Delivery

Download to CSV

You will receive an email confirmation when your lead list is ready, however, you can also find a CSV of your Skip Traced leads in the notifications drawer at the top right of your account. 

Click on the notification to download the CSV file to your computer.

Save to Contacts

Navigate to your Contacts List view and click the Tags drop-down at the top of your list. Locate the Skip Traced tag or the tag you created and select it to filter your list.


You will see the entire list of leads that were Skip Traced. If we were able to obtain a phone number, it will populate in the WORK PHONE field of the contact file and also be visible from the list view. 

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