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Repair Estimator Overview

The Repair Estimator is the perfect tool for creating quick repair estimates for each property

and prospective properties alike.

The Repair Estimator is a great way to evaluate the potential rehab costs of a 

property you are looking to potentially purchase.

The Repair Estimator includes the most common repairs, including costs, populated

in simple drop downs.  You can also add your own items, repairs, and costs.  With the 

Defaults section you can customize the Repair Estimator for your business and specific

rehab needs.

The Repair Estimator can be used while doing a walkthrough of a property (using 

your touchscreen laptop, tablet, or mobile device), or back at the office.  Just make sure you take 

pictures if you don't plan on using it at the property!  Once completed easily view, edit,

and print 'Saved' estimates at any time.

Click HERE to see how to create a Repair Estimate

Click HERE to see how to set your Repair Estimate Defaults

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